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West Coast Cruise

Join us aboard Tranquility Cruises for our 4.5 hour West Coast cruise.

On this cruise we will make 2 stops in Carlisle Bay:

one stop to swim with the turtles & one to snorkel at a shipwreck.

Tranquility will then make its way along the West Coast of Barbados for a leisurely cruise

with a short stop for a swim before making our way back to the dock in the Careenage just in time to see the sun setting.

Juice saved onboard, small amounts of snacks eg sandwishes may be brought on board.

Please note that the sea life seen from day to day varies.​​

There is no guarantee on the number of turtles you will see, on some days it may be 11 on some it may just be one.

On very rare occasions turtles are not seen at all.


4.5 hour West Coast cruise 

Adults US$30 per person BDD $60

Transportation not included.

We can provide transport from hotels and villas for an additional cost. Cost varies on distance and group size.

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